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With the week 11 confessions, do you mean that JUST the unaired pilot was filmed in the house (except the attic) or the rest of the show too? Sorry i was a bit confused

Yes. The unaired pilot (beside the attic scenes, that was a set) was filmed in the actual house. If you ever seen the unaired pilot (you can find it on Youtube), it’s completely noticeable that it’s not as open and spacious and there’s an echo that you can hear. It was clear that the show couldn’t be shot like that, so they built a set resembiling the house and just used the real house as the outside shots of the Manor.

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  • The real house was used for filming the unaired pilot of Charmed. All scenes in the manor, except the ones in the attic, were filmed in the real house.
  • Ironically, Kerr Smith (Kyle Brody) is most often mistaken for Julian McMahon (Cole Turner).
  • Rose came onto the series only thinking she would be on Charmed for one season and leave sometime in season 5.
  • Brad Kern actually made his directorial debut in Charmed as he directed the season 4 finale. That was the only episode he directed.
  • Holly said that the Glenda costume in All Halliwell’s Eve was “the worst costume ever.”

Love your Hallowen style avatar! Phoebe against the moon on a broomstick :D

Thank you! (:

I edited it myself (not hard at all but look at me being all edit-y ^__^) lol

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Hi guys!

So I changed the theme…again lol. I’ve just been so busy with school and so neglectful with this blog and just Tumblr in general, I felt like I needed to do something really special for you guys! I’m still calling it a “work in process” but I want to know what you guys think!

Is it easy to look at, do I need to make the font bigger, is it easy to navigate? Should I change the colors? Do you like the idea of having picture links? (making the icons were actually really fun to do, so those might be changing every once in a while). Also, if you do like the picture links, help me come up with pictures for the submit and fun facts link because I’m drawing a blank. Just let me know the first things that come to your mind!

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